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Spring and Summer Dance

We're so excited to bring back dance to Evolve Studio.  All classes will be taught by Sarah Sandona.  Sarah is a dance minor at Northern Michigan University.  She danced competitively at HOTV Dance Academy for many years and still continues to teach and choreograph at the studio.  There are two sessions, spring and summer, both are six weeks long.  Classes are 40 minutes and meet once a week.  If you have additional questions please email


5:30-6:10 - Princess Dance (ages 4-6)

6:15-6:55 - Jazz/Hip-Hop (ages 5-8)

7:00-7:40 - Jazz (ages 9-12)

7:45-8:25 - Hip-Hop (ages 13+)


5:30-6:10 - Pom and Dance (ages 4-6)

6:15-6:55 - Ballet (ages 9-12)

7:00-7:40 - Hip-Hop (ages 9-12)

7:45-8:25 - Ballet/Lyrical/Technique (ages 12+)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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