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Homeopathy is gentle, holistic healing for the whole family!
Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine developed more than 200 years ago. The term “homeopathic” means “similar disease” or "suffering.” Thus, the practice of homeopathy is to completely understand the suffering of an individual and to give a remedy that produces an effect to balance out the energetic system of the body, build vitality and ease suffering. We use substances from nature that are made into homeopathic remedies in a regulated homeopathic pharmacy. The remedies are given to match the nature and individual symptom picture of each client.
Any Diagnosis
Since homeopathy is used to assist people, rather than to treat illness, anyone (no matter his or her diagnosis) can benefit from homeopathic care.
Acute and Chronic Care
Homeopathy can be applied toward acute conditions, such as headache, common cold, fever, flu, allergy attacks, sinus or ear infections, sunburn, or injury.
Furthermore, Homeopathy is used to heal and ease suffering from chronic conditions ranging from anxiety and depression, chronic pain and illness, autism spectrum disorders, behavioral disorders, ADD/ADHD and more.
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