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Ideas on Inflammation

We are an inflamed nation! Inflammation literally means "on fire" and it is a main cause of unhealthy aging. Inflammation is not just arthritis in the joints, inflammation can occur anywhere in the body including the cardiovascular system, intestines, and brain. Inflammation is actually the body's natural response to infection, injury, and allergens, foreign substances in the blood, and chemicals in the environment. For example, when you cut your finger, chemical messengers mobilize the infection fighting army to the site where they engulf germs. Extra blood is sent to the sight and because of this there might be some swelling. The site might also feel hot or "on fire." This is the inflammatory response. When there is excess inflammation because of unhealthy foods or lifestyle, the body's inflammatory response gets confused and attacks its own tissues. We need the right balance of inflammation for the body to heal and not attack itself.

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