Sara Ann Aerts 
Registered Yoga Teacher

Hi! I'm Sara Ann. 


After leaving a 14 year career with the FBI, I began a healing journey, which led to my yoga mat in early 2017. I am challenged to use words that accurately express how yoga has impacted my life. 

I stop everyday to smell the roses.
I am aware of the present. 
I have created space, lots of space. 
I have become the observer of my life.
I have shifted life long beliefs, habits and perspectives. 

After students experience my class, they share feelings of being more at peace, more grounded and as if they are floating. 

Should you join me, you can expect an experience of a workout and a work-in. You will be invited to slow down, reconnect with your life force energy, and move with intention. You will be reminded that you are a miracle. You are perfect. You are amazing. 

I thoughtfully weave breath, movement, meditation and spiritual aspects into each class. I hope you join me and if you do, please come and introduce yourself!