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Brenda O'Brien
Owner at ReFresh Salt Room
Brenda O'Brien
I have always been interested and intrigued with the amazement of the human body and how poor health can be restored to optimal health by introducing alternative solutions. What I have experienced is that for every ailment there seems to be a natural approach or healthy antidote. Salt Therapy is simply another example of that. My fiancé has suffered years with sinus related issues and major allergies. He was on multiple medications only to experience minimal relief reducing the quality and enjoyment of his life.
Dry Salt Therapy treatments have been an exciting experience for me fulfilling my passions both personally and professionally. Dry Salt Therapy has provided him personally, with much needed relief of symptoms. And coupled with the new healing environment brought together by Dr. Brad Bosma of Bosma Chiropractic and Teri Postell of Jadin Acupuncture, created a great opportunity for me to provide a healthy alternative for others' skin, ear, respiratory, anxiety, stress, sinus, health issues and while improving both the immune system & sleep. I know first hand, some are more sensitive to the expense or side effects of drugs and medications.
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