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Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning Coaching

Individual and Group Strength Training  & Nutrition Coaching Services
In person and online (in your space or in ours)- we create a custom program based on an individuals goals and information we accumulate from assessments (flexibility, mobility, strength, and balance). We can meet in-person individually or as a group based on budgets and resources available. We provide in-home services as well as in-studio services. Example: we meet with a couple in their home 1x per week. They both have individual programs and goals, but we work with them at the same time. We then provide 2 additional weekly workouts via email after reviewing their weekly schedule that they do on their own - they provide a pre and a post workout assessment with each at-home workout in order to stay accountable. 
Youth Strength Training Services focusing on LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development)
We work with individuals or small groups (up to 4) from ages 10-17 with focus on proper form and proper progression increasing full body strength. We move to specialization training when appropriate. 
MIXFIT Classes
a mixture of strength and conditioning exercises and movements using a variety of equipment and props to get your heart pumping and muscles smiling. 
Introduction to Strength and Movement Courses
5th to 8th grade  
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