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Bloated? Why?

Listen. Assess. Journal.

As we approach our 40s and beyond, we realize things are different. The same training and nutrition plan we followed in our 30s doesn’t seem to offer the same results.

As women, we are continuing on our physiological journey through the menopause jungle. I love the jungle. I love to see the beauty and watch how nature moves. But there are times when that beauty can become a bit scary because of the unknown that lies within.

As I fast approach 42, I realize I am in that peri menopause time and things are changing. I took the above photos yesterday. New Year’s Day 2021. I was bloated and uncomfortable. I noticed I was also tired and irritated. That makes me frustrated. I am home with my kids with all kinds of fun projects, and I have to feel this way? Well, I recognized it. I told my husband how I was feeling and that I didn’t want to feel this way- pre-apologizing in case I was cranky throughout the day.

I then took a look at my period tracker and realized I am in phase 3. I also assessed a few other factors. The day before I ate a piece of birthday cake, had an alcoholic drink, and went to bed off schedule. These are 3 zingers for me. Sugar, alcohol, and disrupted sleep along with being in phase 3 of my cycle ~ no wonder I was having an off day!

We need to realize every one of our bodies is unique. The best way to identify what makes us uncomfortable is to assess. The best way to assess is to gather information and listen. Journaling is a great way to record information AND the way you feel - which makes you listen and describe the results.

Based off of those assessments, we can identify triggers and factors that we may need to adjust to feel our best!

As we enter our 40+ years, this can be a deal breaker. Knowing how to get to know your body is an awakening.

Adjusting our training to include more strength building and maintaining movements & adding more protein to our post- workout nutrition are crucial as we age. Get those 2 factors up to parr along with knowing how your body responds are key.

Find a kick ass journal and use it.

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