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When The Weight Isn't Coming Off

It feels like you are doing all the right things, you're eating healthier, you're exercising daily, but you step on the scale and it still reads the same number. Your heart sinks, you get frustrated, and you ask yourself why are you working so hard if nothing is changing. Sound familiar? Losing weight and keeping the weight off can be a struggle for many people, here are a few tips to help you stay on track.


Take a breath and put the scale away. When all of your energy is focused on losing the weight and it isn't coming off, it can be stressful and you may even get desperate. This may cause you to try a fad diet or exercise to exhaustion or even give up. Also when the body is stressed, it doesn't work efficiently, making it harder to shed extra pounds.


What would happen if you shifted your focus to getting healthy versus losing weight? When you change your focus, your energy is going to go toward living a healthy life, filling your body with foods that it was designed for, finding daily movement, finding ways to manage stress, and get adequate sleep. You nourish yourself with exactly what the body, mind, and spirit needs. There is no frustration or disappointment because your energy is going toward self-care and before you know it, the weight will fall off naturally.


You may not see it, but you are perfect no matter what your size. Loving and accepting yourself now, not when you lose 20 is a vital component to shedding extra weight (and understanding this may be one of the reasons why you gained the 20.) You deserve to live your best healthiest life and if you are constantly judging yourself and your decisions, you are making it harder to do so.


Nourishing yourself with the right food, movement, relationships, and lifestyle will allow you to be healthy. Eating nutrient-dense green and yellow light foods will give your body the energy it needs to operate efficiently. Many of our clients think they are eating healthy, only to learn that some of the food they are eating is actually contributing to their weight and poor health. In addition, the body was designed to move. Optimal health can't occur without it, so find a movement that you can enjoy. Find ways to take care of yourself, if you are stressed or are neglecting yourself, the body is going to hang on to the weight.

If you are struggling with finding a way to get or stay healthy, Jeanette and I are always here to help and it is part of our job to support clients as they find their way to optimal health.

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