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Caffeine and the Heart - Good or Bad?

Well over the majority of Americans take in some form of caffeine daily, and since caffeine is a stimulant, I've wondered how healthy it was for the heart. Here's what I found from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and Harvard Health.

Caffeine in high doses can raise the heart rate and blood pressure temporarily. A rise in blood pressure is quite common in people who do not consume caffeine very often. Caffeine also affects the enzymes in the heart that stimulate the intensity of the heart's contractions. It can also release a hormone that has a similar effect on the heart as adrenaline. However, studies seem to indicate that regular consumption poses no serious risks to the heart. Keeping consumption under 400 mg per day is considered safe. For those with disease larger doses of caffeine may pose a danger. Source of caffeine also matters. Coffee and teas contain antioxidants and are considered better choices, however sodas and energy drinks can cause a jolt to the cardiovascular system.

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