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This was last night’s dinner and dessert. Create a date night, family night, or night with friends with a healthy charcuterie board. I can’t tell you how my family’s eyes light up when it is charcuterie night. This is a perfect way to bring loved ones together. Meaningful connections are so important to our health. Bring favorites to the table, but also introduce some new things. Last night my family tried kumquats and goat cheese with honey. Head out later for a Christmas light walk and come back in for game night. Our game pick was Telestrations After Dark (my children are 19 & 23 ) maybe stick with regular Telestrations if you have younger ones! Tips for your charcuterie: Watch portions, it is easy to over consume with so many options. Include a variety of green and yellow light foods, fruits, veggies, nuts, grainy breads/crackers, cheese, hard boiled eggs, dark chocolate . If using meats such as salami, make sure you get uncured with no nitrates. Boar’s Head and Applegate Organics are good options. (Boar’s Head can be found at Fresh Thyme and Applegate usually can be found at most stores.) Sneak in something new, your family will be more apt to try. If using a dip for veggies make your own using greek yogurt and only put out a small amount. For our artisan bread we used homemade Italian dressing. I think the recipe is on my Facebook page. Have fun! See Less Seen by 17 Like Comment Up NextWe currently don't have any more videos for you Comments See All Comments Comment as Nourish Wellness

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