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Cottonseed Oil?

Cottonseed oil is a widely used oil found in salad dressings, mayonnaise, chips, margarine, baked goods, cereal, and more. It is made from the seeds of the cotton plant. Cottonseed oil is also inexpensive to make and readily available. The issues with this oil and the reasons why many believe it is a harmful oil is because cotton is heavily sprayed with pesticides and could potentially be loaded with pesticides. They also contain a compound called gossypol, which if consumed in high quantities can cause toxicity. Cottonseed oil is often hydrogenated and has one of the highest omega 6 to omega 3 issues, 200 to 1. Research seems to indicate that a healthy ratio should be around 2 to 1. Higher ratios are considered pro-inflammatory. So read the labels and know what oils are in your foods.

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