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Clutter bombards, distracts, inhibits creativity, makes it difficult to relax, and constantly signals the brain that the work is never done. But of the many stressors in life, we have control and there are some easy ways to fix. 1. Rally the troops. Get the whole family involved, designate areas, and you will all feel a sense of accomplishment when done. 2. You’ve seen it on Tidying Up or Hoarders , take rooms (small pieces) and go through your items. What brings you joy? Those are the items to keep. Organize the other items into Toss, Recycle, or Donate. 3. Create designated spaces. 4. Don’t let papers pile up. Go through papers right away and get folders for pending items and items that are needed and can be filed away. 5. Pack some of the kid toys away for a month or two. They will not notice and when you bring them out again it will be like getting new toys. 6. Remember that you don’t have to tackle the whole house at once. Take it in pieces so it is not overwhelming and that will increase your odds of following through. 7. Have fun. Turn on some music and know how good it will feel once the clutter is gone

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