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Ditch the Plastic Containers

They are cheap, convenient, and unfortunately some are toxic. Plastic storage containers contain BPA, or Bisphenol A. Researchers believe that those chemicals will leach off into your food, especially when heated. Without getting too sciencey, plastic is kept together by chemical bonds that are sensitive to heat and break and release chemicals into your food. Many companies have created products that are “BPA” free but be warned many of the plastic products contain BPS, a cousin to the BPA. Bottom line is keep your food and drink away from plastics. Some great alternatives are glass and food grade silicone products from Stasher.

Other sources of BPA’s:

  • Cash register receipts

  • The lining of most canned foods. Source the brands that don’t use BPA.

  • Some baby bottles and pacifiers

  • Many toys and other children’s products

  • Some aluminum water bottles (stainless steel is generally safe)

  • Canned soda and beer

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