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Stress ages every part of you! It can also shrink the brain, chronically elevate the heart rate, and weaken your bones, not to mention make you sick, make you overweight, and aggravate the gut. When you are stressed there are high levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. High cortisol impairs the immune system and if you have chronic stress you are putting yourself at risk for disease and premature aging. Simple Ways To Reduce Stress Focus on solutions, not problems Bring awareness to your inner dialogue Breathe, breathing deep calms the nerves Move, walk, yoga or other exercise Ground yourself in nature Surround yourself with positive people Meditate Laugh Eat happy green/yellow light foods like whole grains, turkey, eggs, nuts, rice, seeds, dairy, and yes dark chocolate (they stimulate the relaxing hormones) Allow music to mellow the mind Get creative, immerse yourself in a creative project

Know when to ask for help

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