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Getting Your Water In

Water keeps the the body clean, keeps muscles moving, breathing passages open, helps the brain, and keeps you regular! Are you getting enough water?

Not getting enough water can result in headaches, constipation, fatigue, hunger, overheating, and even a bad mood. According to a neurologist from Ohio State University, water is a key component of brain health and when you don’t get enough it can leave you feeling tired and sluggish (2 characteristics of brain fog.)

Ways to get your water in: Set a timer Create a water station that is visible for you and your family Have a cool water bottle that you can bring everywhere (there are even water bottles with timers) Flavor it with fresh fruit Add a straw - we tend to drink more when drinking through a straw Have a drink after you use the bathroom Choose a sparkling water over soda Eat water rich foods like watermelon Try some herbal tea

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