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Meal Prep Success

Finding the right meal prep is kind of like finding the right kind of exercise. It has to work for you and your family. There is no question that meal prep/planning is heavy on the front end, but the rewards of getting it done may be worth it. Imagine a week where there is no wondering what you’re going to cook, no running to the grocery store multiple times in the same week, no picking up fast food on the way home, and no more throwing away food that you bought but forgot about.

If you haven’t meal planned before, here are a few tips to get you started. Do not be afraid to take it slow. Just plan 3 meals for the week to start until you get the hang of it. Assign time to plan, shop, and prep. As you gather recipes, think about keeping them in one place. Think about how you want to design your meal planning. Are you a make everything ahead of time person or would you just like meals that take 30 minutes or less?

Think about coordinating meals...if you bake a chicken one night you can use the leftovers for enchiladas the next.

Cut up your fruits and vegetables when you get home from shopping. Cut up gets eaten! Make and take a list, stick to it. Invest in some quality glass storage containers.

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