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Hashbrown Waffles

Waffle irons are not just for traditional waffles When we are up north in the summer, we get creative with the waffle iron. Try these hash brown waffles over the holidays, they’re much easier and healthier than frying in oil. Ingredients 1 lb fresh grated or 20 oz frozen shredded hashbrowns (read the label-try and find one with just potatoes in the ingredients) 3 eggs 1/2-1 cup of grated cheese of choice Optional add-ins like fresh veggies like onions or peppers, turkey bacon Season with salt and pepper or any other spices Heat waffle iron and spray with cooking spray. If fresh potatoes are really wet uou can just soak up some of the moisture with a paper towel. Mix ingredients and cook like you would a regular waffle, allowing it to get brown and crispy.

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