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Pre Workout Snack, Breakfast, Post Workout Recovery, On-The- Go Travel Snack, Kid’s Lunch Option....

Make your weekly variation & experiment!

Power Balls:

🔸 1.5c Oats (of choice)

- lots of options/variety- you can use the full oats or blend them to make them finer - I sometimes add 1 Package of Picky Bars Oats variety too

🔸 1/2c Nut or Seed Butter

- or use multiple

🔸 1/2c local pure & raw honey

- or pure maple syrup or agave or combination of

🔸 Additions - ground flax, chia seeds, coconut, dark chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit...

Heat the honey substance in a saucepan on low, add the nut butter to the honey and mix until they mix together at a nice consistency. Just 2-3 minutes.

Mix it all - Roll it into balls - Put them in the freezer - ENJOY!

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