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Skip the Slimfast and Make a Smoothie

Products like premade protein shakes or meal replacement shakes like Slimfast are usually filled with artificial colors and sweeteners. Instead, try a real food smoothie. Throughout the week we'll be sharing some of our favorite smoothie recipes. We use real fruit, greek yogurt, nut butters, seeds, almond milk or 100% juice. Sipping on a smoothie for breakfast, snack, or lunch is not only smart but healthy. The right smoothie is loaded with the right carbs and proteins, along with all kinds of micronutrients. Smoothies:

  • Help absorption

  • Stabilize blood sugar

  • Can be a natural laxative

  • Reduce heartburn

  • Help weight control

  • Boost immunity

Smoothies are great for both adults and kids. Some ingredients that we always have on hand to make smoothies are frozen organic fruit, greek yogurt, chia seed, flaxseeds, peanut butter, almond milk, pomegranate or orange juice.

Yum! Give the body what it was designed for!

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